Why it is so popular and when to use it?

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Docker is a platform for building, running, and shipping applications in a consistent manner. So if you are a developer and your application works perfectly in your development machine, it can run and function the same way on other machines.

If you have been working as a software developer you may face some situations like your application works on your development machine, but doesn’t somewhere else.

For that, there can be some reasons.

  • If one or more files missing when deployment.
  • Software version mismatch.
  • Different configuration settings.

And this is…

What is actually JWT and how it can securely transmit information?

JWT which stands for JSON Web Tokens is one of the most popular authorization ways used in most web applications today.

In this article, we gonna discuss how the JWT can be used in web apps especially in the context of securing web applications.

We do have some other authorization strategies like Session Tokens etc..but in this article, we mainly focus only on JWT.

What do JWTs look like?

Since JWT is basically used for managing authorization the main idea behind that is to create a standard way to communicate with two parties securely.

What is Django?

Django is a Web development framework written in python which is free and open source. Django framework is based of the Model-View-Template (MVT) and now it has a large community based around the world. Some of the world famous applications like Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and Bitbucket and many other applications are using the Django framework to build their applications.

Now let’s have a look about What is Heroku?

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